Air 1 Go - Macbook Connection.




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    Marcelo JF

    It doesn't work well on macOS Catalina. very hard to make connect. Most of the time it reboot the MAC!!!

    I'm a little tired to keep trying and not getting any connection. It works, still under expectation, on i-phone but the batery dies too fast.

    Something I need to do to solve this?

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    Erika Boado


    Thank you for contacting Happy Plugs! We understand that you have some concerns about your earphones. Let me help you with that.

    May we know if you made recent update on your Mac? Also, if it works on your iPhone which is also an apple product then the earphones is not the problem. But we will be glad to further check that for you.

    We have found an article which has reported cases of Bluetooth issues using  Mac OS Catalina:

    The Air 1 Go doesn't affect the battery level of your phone as there are factors that can cause fast battery drainage such as the volume level and app used while the earphones are being connected.

    We will be glad to further assist you for your issues encountered please feel free to send us an e-mail at

    Please let us know if you have questions. Have a happy day! 


    Happy Plugs Team  

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